Homeric Routes

‘Sing through me, O Muse, of that man skilled in all ways of contending…’ – Homer


This will be an epic journey along Ηomeric routes, as we uncover the lives and mysteries of the Mycenaean Civilisation. We will delve into the legacy of an unacknowledged legislator; Homer, and we will follow narrations through Mycenaean culture, society, turmoil, peace, and landscapes by exploring the material culture; art, scripture, archaeology, and architecture. Our road will lead us from Athens to Sparta, along the path of cities such as Mycenae, Nafplio and Kalamata whilst participating in intriguing workshops and visiting various significant archaeological sites and museums.



The Syllabus

1. The World of Homer
2. War and Peace: the Mycenaean Civilisation
3. People and Places: the Mycenaean Landscapes

Programme highlights

• Marvel at the foremost masterpieces of the Mycenaean Civilisation: Mycenae, Tiryns and Midea; the wealthiest and most powerful cities of the glorious Mycenaean Civilisation, which ruled over the eastern Mediterranean world between 1600 and 1200 BCE


• Immerse yourself in places firmly linked to the Homeric epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey, which have profoundly influenced the European art and literature for more than three millennia


• Discover the famous Lion Gate, the monumental Grave Circles A and B, the imposing Tomb of Agamemnon, also known as the Treasury of Atreus at Mycenae, as well as the Acropolis, the wall-painted Palace. Last, but not least, get to know the Cyclopean walls of Tiryns, which in parts were 20 metres thick and whose largest block is estimated at more than 15 tons; an exceptional example of ingenious human creativity


• Get lost in the breathtaking scenery of the tallest mountain in the Peloponnese; the imposing Taygetus


• Visit fascinating archaeological museums, such as the exquisite National Archaeological Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Mycenae, led by highly-qualified, licensed archaeologists


• Indulge in the Homeric heritage through intriguing, certified seminars and workshops by enthusiastic lecturers

Day 10 / Depart for home

What is included

• 3 US credits provided by the Hellenic American University

• 10 nights accommodation in hand-picked and well-located superior class hotels

• daily breakfast and lunch

• professionals e.g. licensed guides, professors and tour managers for seminars, guided tours and site visits

• entrance fees to museums and archaeological sites

• all sea and land transportation included in the itinerary above

• information material

• local taxes

• travel insurance

• transport to/from the airport

What is not included

• airfares to/from Greece
• anything not specified in the “what is included” section

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