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Uncategorized 10.July.2018

Rare slab with verses from Homer’s Odyssey discovered in Ancient Olympia

Greek and German archaeologists have made an important discovery: a slab of clay inscribed with 13 verses of Homer’s epic poetry the Odyssey. The slab was discovered in the.

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Uncategorized 14.February.2018

‘O love, invincible in battle!’

Eros, the Greek god of love and sexual desire (the word eros, which is found in the Iliad by Homer, is a common noun meaning sexual desire), a force.

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Uncategorized 01.January.2018

The Ritual Practice of Time in Ancient Greece

How did ancient Greeks celebrate the change of year? There was no New Year’s celebration as we know it today, but instead, ancient Greeks held festivals throughout the year.

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Uncategorized 08.November.2017

Ancient Greek ‘Masterpiece’ Sealstone Unearthed

A stunning work of art etched on a gemstone no larger than an inch and a half was revealed after researchers washed away thousands of years of limestone and.

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Uncategorized 29.October.2017

Why Study the Classics?

Why study the Classics? Classics offers, at least on a superficial analysis, little in the way of short-term gains or practical real-world benefit. Have you heard about all of.

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Uncategorized 25.October.2017

Archaeologists unearth ancient theatre of Thouria, in Messenia

Greek archaeologists have unearthed a large part of an ancient theatre in Thouria, near the current-day port town of Kalamata in the Peloponnese, the country’s Ministry of Culture announced.

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Uncategorized 01.October.2017

Astronomers Date 2,500-Year-Old Poem

For centuries, scholars have mined the verse of Greek lyric poet Sappho, Plato’s “tenth Muse“, for clues about her life. Her biography remains speculation: Most of her poetry was lost, and what’s.

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Uncategorized 01.September.2017

The Influence of the Greek Language on the English Language

When it comes to the Greek language, we actually know more words than we think we do. In the book titled “You Speak Greek, You Just Don’t Know It” by Annie.

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Uncategorized 11.August.2017

Our story so far

Mentor was created in late 2014, focusing on cultural/educational tourism, the management of cultural organisations, as well as the strategic tourism development planning of areas with strong cultural character..

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Uncategorized 01.July.2017

The eternal quest for eudaemonia

Why some people are successful and happy, while others are not? Who are the modern successful people? What was the definition of being successful in ancient times? Do we.

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