About Us - Let’s introduce ourselves!

We founded Mentor in late 2014 in Eleusis, Greece, as a young and ambitious cultural trail specialist focusing on small-group, expert-led, credit-bearing educational routes in Greece. Therefore, we are committed to providing unique and authentic educational experiences to inquisitive student travellers in search of something more, by meaningfully connecting ancient Greek culture and philosophy to today!


Our mission is to stimulate students to study and experience Greece via interactive mentored travel and our aim is to enhance their appreciation and comprehension of the so-called birthplace of Western Civilisation in a stimulating way. This is why guided thematic routes in the archaeological sites and museums, as well as the historic monuments and cultural venues of our beloved Greece, are combined with thought-provoking and credit-bearing seminars and workshops by our Mentors, who are experts in their field and are committed to enabling mentees to actualise their full potential.

Travelling to Greece feels like travelling to our homeland; a journey in which a quest for our identity is fulfilled.
Hence, we invite you to seize the opportunity and treat yourself to a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience…

Join us!

Meet our team

Mentor was formed by Panos and Yannis. Our voluntary engagement with non-profit groups, aiming at the enhancement and promotion of the Archaeological Site of Eleusis, Greece, enabled us to come into contact with various universities and organizations abroad. The gap in the demand for trustworthy cultural and educational services by those foreign institutions led us to realise the great opportunity of turning our hobby into a profession and our beliefs into action. Since then, we feel blessed that like-minded people, who share the same interests and goals as us, joined and strengthened our team, while motivated practitioners from Greece and abroad work hard in contributing to Mentor’s cause.

Co-founder & CEO

Panos Gkiokas

Co-founder & COO

Yannis Pappas

Programme Coordinator

Stefano Vito Mongelli

Director of Web Operations

Kostas Vrouvas

Graphic Designer

Sarantis Makris

Communications Specialist

Labrini Kranioti

Heritage Manager

Wendalina Karagiannis

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