The Origins of the Theater: Ancient Greek Drama

‘Always desire to learn something useful’ – Sophocles


To the Ancient Greeks, the theater was a form of amusement taken very seriously. People would come from all across the Greek world to attend the famous plays performed in open air amphitheaters, which nearly every Greek city of note had. The acclaimed plays of great dramatists, such as Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes (which formed the foundation upon which all modern theater is based) not only entertained their spectators, but also indirectly disseminated among the audience the values of democracy, justice, belief in the gods and in the city’s time-honoured institutions. Furthermore, they urged them to be up against the dangers of extremist ideas and acts that could harm the fundamental structures of their society. Therefore, we gladly welcome you on a journey to the origins of the dramatic arts in ancient Greece -when the theater was an integral part of the healing process- through our highly curated 10-day trail. We will explore the fundamentals of Ancient Greek Drama, through carefully-designed seminars, workshops, and guided tours of unique archaeological sites and museums throughout Greece.

Τhe Syllabus

1. Acting based on Platonic Philosophy
2. Chorus & Ancient Drama
3. Anthropology & Theater

Programme highlights

• Travel to the origins of drama through truly original workshops and seminars that will enable you to discover the Ancient tragedians and the roots of theater. By wearing replicas of ancient Greek masks, interpret the first theater roles ever written


• Marvel at the foremost masterpieces of Classical Greece, the eternal Parthenon and the exquisite Acropolis of Athens


• Immerse yourself in the renowned Eleusinian Mysteries, the most sacred religious rites of Ancient Greece

• Discover the finest and best-preserved of all Classical Greek theaters, the spectacular Theater of Epidaurus


• Explore Delphi, the “navel” of the Earth according to the ancient Greeks and home to the acclaimed Oracle of Apollo


• Visit fascinating archaeological museums, such as the Acropolis Museum and the stunning National Archaeological Museum, led by highly-qualified, licensed archaeologists

Day 10 / Depart for home

What is included

• 3 US credits provided by the Hellenic American University

• 10 nights accommodation in hand-picked and well-located superior class hotels

• daily breakfast and lunch

• professionals e.g. licensed guides, professors and tour managers for seminars, guided tours and site visits

• entrance fees to museums and archaeological sites

• all sea and land transportation included in the itinerary above

• information material

• local taxes

• travel insurance

• transport to/from the airport

What is not included

• airfares to/from Greece

• anything not specified in the “what is included” section

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