Mentor is the only provider in Greece to not only provide support in our study abroad programs for deaf and hard of hearing students, but to also design and offer programs specifically for students with disabilities. It is an ambitious project that offers premium educational opportunities on Ancient and Modern Greek culture, and a particular focus on how individuals with disabilities were treated in antiquity. The aim is for experienced Sign interpreters and our partners to provide accessible services to deaf and hard of hearing students from around the world, through making the best use of the academic experience of the Hellenic American University and capitalizing Mentor’s expertise in developing interactive cultural routes.

Passionate about connecting Ancient Greece’s culture and philosophy to today, our bold mission is to enhance the appreciation and comprehension of students around the world about the astonishing so-called birthplace of Western Civilisation in an interactive, stimulating and most importantly, inclusive way.

In addition to our other programs, Mentor works with experienced partners in sign language interpretation to create specialized tailor-made programs, e.g. “Government & Politics in the light of the recent Financial & Refugee crisis in contemporary Greece”, to suit each faculty’s needs and preferences. The courses are designed with an academic purpose, therefore they are credit-bearing and consist of seminars, on-site learning, and academic assignments. This, again, is completely customizable and our current programs can be seen as examples of what this partnership can accomplish.