Liberal Arts

Saint Paul and the Birth of Christian Liturgy

This course consists of an academic pilgrimage to Late Antique and Byzantine Attica, Boeotia, and Corinth, where Saint Paul preached the message of Christ and developed some key concept of the new religion.

The Despotate of Morea

Through guided visits to historical sites and ecclesiastical monuments we will survey a world of conflict and coexistence between East and West.

The Heartland of Byzantium

This program uses the prism of iconography and architecture to explore key concepts of Byzantine history, art, and culture. Participants will visit important Byzantine cities in northern Greece, like Thessaloniki, where they will have the opportunity to study outstanding examples of religious architecture and wall painting.

The Venetian Conquest

This course is for participants who are not afraid to get their feet wet. We will use a sailing boat to visit the islands of the Cyclades, where we will explore the consequences of the partition of the Byzantine Empire by the Crusaders and the role of individual Venetians in the establishment of the Duchy of Naxos.