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Founded in 2015 in Eleusis, Greece, Mentor is a young and ambitious cultural trail specialist focusing on small-group, expert-led educational/archaeological routes throughout Greece.



The fundamentals of science, medicine, mathematics, architecture and sculpture, philosophy and ethics, literature and theatre, as well as prevailing notions of democracy, citizenship, government, reason, freedom and humanism, were largely flourished and developed by the Ancient Greeks.

Passionate about connecting ancient Greece's culture and philosophy to today, οur bold mission is to enhance your appreciation and comprehension of the astonishing so-called birthplace of Western Civilisation in an interactive and stimulating way.

Therefore, we are committed to providing unique, personalised and meaningful travel experiences by promoting the archaeological sites and museums, as well as the historic monuments and cultural venues of our beloved Greece to those demanding and inquisitive travellers in search of something more. 



Our philosophy at Mentor lies in the harmonious blend of intriguing thematic routes to sites of sublime archaeological, architectural, historical and aesthetic value led by highly qualified guides with thought-provoking educational seminars and workshops on Ancient Greece by our "Mentors"; enthusiastic, unique in their field, academics and artists, who are committed to enabling the modern... "Telemachuses" (a.k.a. mentees) to actualise their potential and find their own answers.

Stimulating seminars on ancient Greek philosophy, the Origins of the Theatre, the ancient Greek Ceramics, the History of Ancient & Modern Olympic Games et al., combined with exclusive themed routes such as "The 5 Sacred Cities of Ancient Greece", "Homeric Routes" and "Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Age", are intended to provide a deeper understanding of the glorious Ancient Greek Civilisation.



Travelling to Greece feels like travelling to our homeland; a journey in which a quest for our identity is fulfilled.

Hence, we invite you to seize the opportunity and treat yourself to a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience...



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Panos Gkiokas

Yannis Pappas

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